The Basics

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My work is broadly concerned with the form and role of communication technologies in large-scale societies. One of my major ongoing projects has been developing an adequate history and theory of sound in modernity. Beyond my work in sound and music my interests are in cultural studies of media, technology, science and medicine; “new” or “digital” media (though I’m not entirely comfortable with either term); cultural theory; disability studies; and the critique of everyday life.

Methodologically, I believe theoretical and empirical investigation are best intertwined. The majority of my published work is historical and document-based, but newer work also incorporates long-form interviews and participant observation. Alongside publishing in traditional academic venues, I have maintained an interest in new and alternative venues for scholarship that take advantage of emerging media forms–a problem now widely taken up under the “digital humanities” umbrella.

Courses and Publications

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Projects and Research Teams


Sound Directions: How Sonic Models Shape New Media
Mediality and the Inhabitabilty of the Contemporary World


Digital Audio and the Condition of Sound Culture
Augmented Reality in Contemporary Art
DOCAM: Preservation of Media Art

Other writing projects in varying states of incompletion

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Department of Art History and Communication Studies
History and Philosophy of Science
Centre de recherche sur l’intermédialité