Media Hot and Cold

These essays appeared together as a feature special section in Volume 8 (2014) of the International Journal of  Communication. My thanks to my co-editor Dylan Mulvin (the issue was his idea) and to the authors for their contributions.

Our Intro:

“Temperature is a Media Problem” — Dylan Mulvin and Jonathan Sterne

The Essays:

“The Materiality of Media Heat” — Nicole Starosielski

“Anal Probes and Overheated Media: The Physiological Roots of Contemporary Media Research” — Brenton J. Malin

“Making Sense of Temperature in Early Psychophysics” — Alice R. Christensen

“Drone, Infrared Imagery, and Body Heat” — Lisa Parks

“Seeing the Temperature in Weather Media” — Marita Sturkin

“Iceberg Media” — Rafico Ruiz

“Burning Man: Heating, Eating and Doing the Calorie” — Jessica Mudry

“Fourier(‘s) Analysis: ‘Sonic’ Heat Conduction and Its Cold Calculation” — Wolfgang Ernst