The links below are to the most recent versions of each course I’ve taught. For most courses, I only archive one version. Links open in new windows. You could email me for old syllabi if there’s something you’re looking for that’s not here.

Department of Art History and Communication Studies


COMS 411:
Disability, Technology and Communication (Winter 2022)

COMS 210:
Introduction to Communication Studies (Fall 2021): syllabus | course guide (schedule and assignments)

COMS 350:
Sound Culture (Winter 2018)

EngC 210B:
History of Communications: Electronic Age (Winter 2005)


COMS 611:
Sound and AI (Winter 2022)
History/Theory/Technology (Winter 2017)

COMS 608:
Sound studies (2020–v2 of Instruments and Instrumentalities)

(2018 Sound Studies)
(2014 Sound Studies)
(2011 Sound Studies)
(2008 Sound Studies)
(2006 Sound Studies)
(2004 Sound Studies)

COMS 648:
Instruments and Instrumentalities (Winter 2016)

COMS 637:
Historiography of Communication (Winter 2013)

COMS 655:
Media and the Senses (Winter 2010)

cotaught with Cornelius Borck.

COMS 616:
Proseminar in Communication Studies (Fall 2007)

EngC 646A:
Seminar on Repetition Seminar on Repetition (Fall 2005)

EngC 521A:
Historiography and Poststructuralism (Fall 2004)

Department of Media, Culture and Communication

2013 LeBoff Seminar (graduate short course):

Instruments and Instrumentalities

Department of Communication


CommRC 0320:
Mass Communication Process (Spring 2004)

CommRC 1732:
Media and Music (Spring 2004)

CommRC 1125:
Media Theory (Spring 2001)


Clst/Mus 2494:
Music and Communication (Fall 2003)
co-taught with Andrew Weintraub, crosslisted in the Department of Music

CommRC/Clst 3325:
Technology, Communication, and Cultural Studies (Fall 2001)

CommRC/Clst 2227:
Audiovisuality: The Public Senses (Fall 2000)

CommRC/Clst 3326:
Historiography of Communication (Spring 2000)