21 April 2016: Harvard University

Annual History of Science Lecture: “Audile Scarification: Notes on the Normalization of Hearing Damage.” I’ll be around Cambridge for a week doing various things at Harvard and MSR.

16-20 November 2015: Paris

In Paris for talks and press appearances to promote the publication of The Audible Past in French (they’re still working out the title as I type, but it’s got Histoire de la modernité sonore in there somewhere.  More details as they happen, but there will probably be a public talk on the 20th. MP3 is due to appear in 2016.

17 September 2015: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Presentation in the Communication Arts Department, probably on missile mail, and a seminar for students on sound studies.  Some cross-promotion with science and technology studies may happen. More news as I know it.