Diminished Faculties: A Political Phenomenology of Impairment (Duke University Press, 2021).

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MP3: The Meaning of a Format (Duke University Press, 2012).

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The Audible Past: Cultural Origins of Sound Reproduction (Duke University Press, 2003).

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The Sound Studies Reader (Routledge, 2012)

The Politics of Academic Labor in Communication Studies (Los Angeles: The Annenberg Press, 2013)

Note: this e-book is a republication of a 2011 feature special section of the International Journal of Communication.

Member of an Editorial Team:

Co-edited with Darin Barney, Gabriella Coleman, Christine Ross and Tamar Tembeck. The Participatory Condition in the Digital Age (University of Minnesota Press, 2016).

Co-edited as member of the Bad Subjects Production Team. The Bad Subjects Anthology (New York University Press, 1997)