Bad Subjects

Bad subjects logo, link to BS website

Bad Subjects published accessible cultural criticism online for a monthly audience of over 100,000 readers from around the world and was a progenitor of many cultural criticism websites today. The website featured the ‘zine alongside original editorials and reviews. In 2004, we released our second volume of essays, Collective Action edited by Megan Shaw Prelinger and Joel Schalit on Pluto Press. Our first collectively edited and authored book, simply titled Bad Subjects, came out in 1998 and is available on New York University Press.

Online since 1992, Bad Subjects is one of the oldest continuously-running publications on the internet. In fact, we started out on a gopher server because there was no world wide web in 1992. I joined the editorial collective in 1994, left in 2007 (no drama, I was just starting a term as dept chair), and served as co-director from 2001-2003.

The archive of Bad Subjects issues is currently lost, but some of it is on the Wayback Machine, and some of us are talking about restarting it.