15 Mar

Welcome back.

Class for 22 March will be at the recording studio, located right inside Bellefield Hall.

Click here for directions to Bellefield Hall.

Note that you will need to bring your ID to get into the hall. Sorry, there's nothing I can do for you on that score.

The recording studio is down a hallway to the right of the main area when you enter. It's room #104: "William Russell Robinson Recording Studio."

5 Feb

Okay, I've gone over everyone's concept journal. Great topics, great ideas, great formats. I'm really excited about these.

Please repeat this mantra after me:

"I will narrow my focus as much as possible."

Good. Now say it again.

If you have questions about what I wrote, or didn't get an email from me at the address from which you posted, please contact me or talk to me at class on Monday.

30 Jan

Schedule for informal music presentation is now posted HERE and on the assignments page.

Go to the assignments page to see which additional chapter of Negus you are required to read.

Also updated links page with presentation info.

27 Jan 2004

Got nailed with other work today. My apologies for the delay: presentation dates and times will be posted Thursday, along with further information about Monday's presentation.

6 Jan 2004:

As requested, I will leave two copies of the readings in the Comm office 1117 CL for you to borrow and photocopy if you don't want to buy the packet. They will be available by noon. Note that I will have affixed a sheet to the front of them -- write down your name and time out/expected time back so other students know what's up. Please don't keep the readings for more than an hour or overnight. This is on the honor system. I expect there will be a rush on the readings Monday, so plan to come the week. That's better anyway: you'll need some time to do the annotations right.

Also, if you've got a friend in the class, you might consider going in together on the packet, or at least running copies off together.

5 Jan 2004:

Welcome to the Media and Music Course Website. Got requests? Got a link I should add to the links page? Send me an email.

If you want detailed explanations of how the site is supposed to work, click the "about this site" link to the left. Class announcements will appear here, newest to oldest.

You should bookmark this page, and return to it a couple times a week.